Outdoor Umbrellas

Shade in Style: Outdoor Umbrellas for Every Budget!

Transform your outdoor oasis with our collection of shade umbrellas, offering a variety of prices to suit your budget. From classic black to calming grey and pristine white, find the perfect umbrella in styles ranging from sleek steel to natural timber, lightweight aluminium, and the timeless charm of weatherproof wicker.

Crafted from durable, weatherproof materials, our umbrellas not only provide relief from the sun but also bring a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Whether you prefer the sophistication of steel, the warmth of timber, the lightweight versatility of aluminium, or the natural appeal of wicker, we have the perfect shade solution for you.  Contemporary Pieces stock shade umbrellas in a variety of colours including beige, navy blue, charcoal, black and grey.

Best of all, our prices ensure that everyone can enjoy a shady retreat in their outdoor haven. Elevate your outdoor experience effortlessly – shop now for shade umbrellas that blend style, durability, and sun protection!

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